This site is aimed at children and young people going on holiday with their parents. The aim is for them to know and understand what hazards may occur and to be able to respond to them when advised by authorities and to take appropriate action. It is possible that parents will not know what to do when faced with such events and so it is important that children and young people know what to do. The site contains information for nine major hazards: Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Tsunami's, Flash Floods, Tornadoes, Lightning Strike, Wildfire, avalanche and Hurricanes, plus a page that provides a checklist of things to include in their own hazards emegency kit. The idea is that people become as used to preparing for the eventuality of a hazard event in the same way that people carry first aid kits in the car when travelling. You don't expect a car accident to occurr every time you step in the car, but you are prepared in case it does!Click on stickers to find out how to survive a hazard when you are on holiday or abroad! How prepared are you for an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, avalanche, volcanic eruption, tsunami, wildfire lightning strike or flash flood? Be Prepared!
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click for hurricane survival advice click for tsunami survival advice click for earthquake survival advice click for tornado survival advice click for volcanic advice click to find out how to survive an avalanche!


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